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ABC announce 2014-2015 fall schedule

ABC has unveiled its 2014-2015 primetime schedule, which includes new series “American Crime,” “Black-ish,” “Cristela,” “Forever,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Galavant,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” “Manhattan Love Story,” “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” “Secrets and Lies,” “Selfie” and “The Whispers.” 

‘Hustle’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Family’ win big at 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards

The newly-merged actors guild SAG-AFTRA gave out their 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards earlier this evening on a live broadcast on TBS, making it even clearer who might be winning on Oscar night with some of the same winners from this past week’s Golden Globes and Critics Choice Movie Awards being honored by their fellow actors.

The 5 Best Shows Returning This Fall

1.‘The Big Bang Theory’ has boasted some of the funniest moments in recent TV history, mostly due to Jim Parsons’ Emmy-winning performance as Sheldon Cooper, the asexual, OCD nerd who has a ‘spot’ on the sofa that no-one else can sit in. Series 6 begins on September 27. Will Wolowitz return safely from space? Will Sheldon lose his virginity? Will Raj finally find love or a cure for his ‘selective mutism’? 2. ‘Modern Family’ is the live-action equivalent of The Simpsons, but with only 11 major characters, it’s a lot easier to feel for the families involved. Cameos coming in the 4th series include Mark Wahlberg and Brad Bird, and after the actors salaries have been raised by a third, we should get some good comedy soon! 3. This sci-fi drama is the perfect mix of ’24’ and ‘Heroes’, which makes sense, considering it stars Kiefer Sutherland and was created by Martin Kring. The season 1 finale was both gripping and heartbreaking, and when the second starts in October, we should get some proper entertainment. 4.After Marshall …