Month: September 2012

All features and artwork for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ DVD/Blu-Ray releases revealed!

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group has released the full details on the December 4 home release of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and has also revealed that a “Dark Knight Trilogy Limited Edition Giftset” is coming (though some might want to wait until the “Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition” comes in 2013).

Film Review: Butter

In my humble but honest opinion, Ty Burrell is one of the most versatile and charming actors working right now. I was a fan of his work since seeing him in ‘National Treasure 2’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk’, long before he began his highly-paid run on ‘Modern Family’. ‘Butter’ is probably his biggest film role to date. A low-budget indie comedy, this tells the story of a Sarah Palin-esque trophy wife (Jennifer Garner), determined to win the local butter-carving contest after her husband (Burrell) is kicked out for winning too many times. Her main rivals are Destiny, a young African-American girl who has spent her childhood moving between foster homes, and a stripper owed money by Burrell’s character. The film fails to be funny after the first 20-minutes or so, but the actors (especially Rob Cordroy) are so utterly charming, that ‘Butter’ manages to be one of the year’s most enjoyable feel-good films. Grade: B

Empire reveals Arnie cover and issue

The November issue of Empire is almost here, and our cover story this month is the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the movies. The Austrian Oak, free of the demands of governing California, is back to breaking heads and taking names in The Last Stand, and in our exclusive in-depth interview and brand new photo shoot he tells us all about it. Further below, you can read an excerpt from the feature.   Arnie also talked Predator, Commando, Terminator and much more, as well as talking about the films that might have been. This is a seriously comprehensive piece. Elsewhere in the issue, we talked to Elliott Gould, looked at Welcome To The Punch, previewed Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, looked at Shining documentary Room 237 and a huge amount more. The November issue of Empire is officially on sale in all good newsagents on Thursday, or you can try for the iPad or US iPad editions. Now here’s a short extract from our Arnold Schwarzenegger feature… EMPIRE IS HUDDLED in the back of the …