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STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI’s teaser trailer is here!

Rian Johnson has debuted the teaser trailer for the ninth live-action Star Wars film at Orlando’s Star Wars Celebration, and it’s a tantalising mix-bag of first look footage from the year’s biggest movie.

We begin with a nifty bait-and-switch that’s reminiscent of how The Force Awakens’ first trailer began (with Finn’s head popping into the desert-filled frame). Rey is on Skellig Michael/the Island of The Jedi Temple, and she seems stressed. Wanna sit down and talk about it, Rey?

So I live about a 3-hour drive from this island, and dammit it takes all my strength not to head there right now. Stunning.

Looks like it might’ve been Jedi magic that brought Superman back to life at the end of Batman v Superman

Some beautiful imagery, accompanied by a Luke Skywalker voiceover. Rian Johnson clearly has a different visual approach to this universe than J.J. Abrams did, and — dare I say — it might be a better one.

Rey going Full Jedi Mode with a lightsaber is what we’ve all been waiting to see. Beautiful framing for this Karate Kid shot; I expect this looks extraordinary in IMAX.

Let us not forget that this trilogy isn’t all about Rey; one imagines she’ll be separated from Finn, Poe and BB-8 for most-or-all of The Last Jedi. For me, Poe and BB-8 were the best thing in The Force Awakens: Oscar Isaac is a charisma explosion in a human body, and I want some seriously juicy content for his character in this installment.

Han Solo may have departed, but the Falcon lives on with (presumably) Chewbacca in the pilot’s seat.

The evolving dynamic between these proteges of light and dark is going to be the solid thematic core of this trilogy, so we can expect some great Rey/Kylo clashes in this film.

Rian Johnson, you have my attention. Now earn my respect.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits cinemas this Christmas.

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