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iCarly has been cancelled

  Carly Shay’s (Miranda Cosgrove) days are coming to an end. The popular Nickelodeon show iCarly will air its final episode in November, according to, and confirmed by Cosgrove on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’. “Everyone at iCarly has been like family to me for five years,” executive producer Dan Schneider told “When we film our very last scene, there will be a lot of crying, I know. But I also know that in television, you don’t want to over-stay your welcome. I want to go out the way we are — on a creative high-note. ” The show has rapidly gone downhill the past 2 years, especially when the incredibly annoying and unfunny Gibby (Noah Munck) was made a main character and Spencer (Jerry Trainor) started to appear less. It’s time for the show to end, say BuzzHub. Victorious will do a perfectly good job of keeping the slot warm, just as iCarly did for the first few years after Drake and Josh ended. Boo-Hoo!