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On The Future Of BuzzHub

On May 25, BuzzHub will celebrate its fifth anniversary, and what a five years it’s been. We’ve witnessed two, almost three, Christopher Nolan movies, a dozen Marvel Cinematic Universe flicks and most of Game of Thrones. We’ve given you film and television news, reviews and the occasional interview; hilarious podcasts and a bunch of magazine covers for a magazine that may or may not actually exist. Thousands of trailers and posters have been plastered across our pages. It’s all been a delight.

But times have changed since 2012, and we’re changing with them. BuzzHub has, we’ll admit, never been one of the most successful sites of our kind: few, if any, people come to us for trailers and posters and such. Our role as a deliverer of news belongs in another era. So we’re going to start rolling things back a bit.

Don’t worry: BuzzHub in its current form is going nowhere. You’ll always be able to access our five-year archive of almost 5,000 posts. But we’re going to slow down our activity as our editor, Lucien, launches an exciting new project: Luwd Media.

Luwd Media (because his name is Lucien WD, get it?) will incorporate original writing on film, TV, politics and more, as well as the podcasts and other features you’ve enjoyed so much from BuzzHub. It’s hosted on Medium, providing a simple and clean interface, even friendlier to mobile devices and social media than BuzzHub is. He’ll be writing daily about new release films, the biggest TV shows, posters, trailers– all the stuff we love. But BuzzHub has started to get a bit stale. Primarily, the name: BuzzHub is- we’re overdue on admitting- a ghastly name for a website such as this. The design: BuzzHub has lacked consistent visuals since we dropped our black-and-yellow bee theme; Luwd Media is bright and orange; as lively a site as you’ll see.

In the lead-up to May 25, we’ll be celebrating our fifth anniversary in some special ways. And on that date, while the world is sleeping, BuzzHub’s Twitter and Facebook accounts will quietly be rebranded as Luwd Media profiles, to bring you the latest and best content from Lucien’s new endeavour. Very little is going to change in terms of output; if anything, our standards are going to improve. As we said, BuzzHub is going nowhere. Long live Luwd Media!

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Lucien writes on film, television and politics at and co-hosts the podcasts Above All Else and The 99%.

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