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Box Office: MOANA, BEASTS lead Thanksgiving weekend

Disney Animation’s Moana met expectations over the five-day weekend, earning $81.1m: the second-biggest Thanksgiving debut ever, behind the same studio’s Frozen ($93.6m).

Internationally, Moana took in $16.3m including $12.3m in China. Its global total to date is $97.4m, and it will open next weekend in the UK, France, Mexico and other territories.

In second place was Warner Bros.’ Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them with an impressive second weekend taking of $65.8m over the five days. Its domestic total is $156.2m, and it scored impressive openings in China ($41.1m) and Japan ($15.5m). Beasts had a $132 international weekend and brought its worldwide gross to $473.7m. David Yates and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter prequel cost $180m to make. Four sequels are in development.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange passed $600m globally over the weekend, adding $18.9 over the five days. Strange is the ninth Marvel Cinematic Universe film to hit the milestone and the fifth Disney film of 2016 to achieve it. It has passed the total grosses of The Incredible Hulk, The First Avenger, Thor, Ant-Man and Iron Man, making it the most successful introductory solo Marvel movie to date.

Paramount’s Allied, from director Robert Zemeckis, earned $18m over five days in fourth place. The film’s budget was $85m. Even less successful was Mirimax’s Bad Santa 2, bringing in $9m over five days. The original Bad Santa opened with $16m in 2003. The Billy Bob Thornton comedy had a budget of $26m.

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