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Johnny Depp to appear in FANTASTIC BEASTS– possibly as Grindewald!

Johnny Depp has reportedly joined J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts franchise, appearing briefly in this month’s film and taking a larger role in its 2018 sequel.

Depp’s role is as yet unknown, but Andrew Sims on Twitter speculated that he’s been cast as Grindewald and appears briefly in a recent trailer:curubh1xyaipm6l

If that were true, Depp would have a major role in future films (and he does look a tad similar to Colin Farrell’s character Graves).

The actor, whose Alice Through The Looking Glass flopped amidst accusations of domestic violence this year, will soon star in the Kenneth Branagh-directed Murder On The Orient Express and Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

David Yates’ first installment of the Harry Potter spinoff opens November 18.

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