Pirates of the Caribbean
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Hans Zimmer will not score PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5

The teaser trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales debuted last night, and one of its most significant reveals is that Geoff Zanelli will replace Hans Zimmer as composer of the upcoming film.


Responsible for the four previous Pirates movies’ unforgettable soundtracks, Zimmer is perhaps the one person as synonymous with the franchise as star Johnny Depp. It’s hence fairly shocking that he won’t be directly involved with the fifth instalment. Presumably, his original Jack Sparrow theme will be used, but how different will the film feel with Zanelli, a collaborator of Zimmer’s on The Lone Ranger, in the scoring studio.

Zimmer said earlier this year that he won’t score any more superhero films after experiencing comic-book fatigue on Batman v Superman. But Pirates isn’t a superhero film!


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