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Trump vs Clinton Round One: The 5 Biggest Moments

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump finally faced off last night in their first TV debate, and though the 90-minute show was largely more of the same from the two candidates, there were a number of significant moments that will dominate the headlines today.

1. Tax

Under attack for failing to release his tax returns, Trump defended his previously-proven 0% returns by claiming that tax avoidance proves he’s “smart” and- later- that “[his taxes] would be wasted anyway”. Trump’s blatant disregard for the taxation system comes in stark contrast to his 2012 Republican counterpart Mitt Romney, who was criticised for a much milder incident of tax avoidance.


2. Environment

Only a few seconds of the debate were spent discussing the environment, probably the most important political issue of the century, with Trump denying having claimed that climate change is a hoax created by China.. A tweet proving otherwise was rapidly unearthed:


3. Sniffles

Mere minutes into the debate, it became apparent that Trump was suffering from either allergies or a mild cold, as he began to sniffle loudly.

4. Misogyny

One of Clinton’s most well-prepared moments came when she drew attention to Trump’s history of misogynistic remarks, particularly his description of a beauty pageant contestant as “Miss Piggy”; a beauty pageant contestant who is now a US citizen and a registered voter…

5. Policing

A heated discussion on racial tensions climaxed with Trump defending his support of stop-and-frisk policies. He claimed that the crime-tackling policy, which has been used to target minority groups and was declared unconstitutional by a New York, led to a fall in the crime rate. The judge who ruled against stop-and-frisk was, Trump said, “a very against-police judge”. An NYPD spokesman immediately tweeted some contradictory statistics in relation to stop-and-frisk.

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