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BuzzHub’s Presidential Debate Bingo!

The day is here! The first Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton airs tonight, and we’ve prepared the ultimate drinking game to make this 90-minute bullshit-fest more bearable for everyone.


Take a shot if…

  • Hillary calls Trump ‘divisive’
  • ‘Liberals/conservatives will lose the Supreme Court for a generation’
  • Trump does his pointy finger thing non-stop for 60 seconds
  • Trump says ‘tremendous’giphy4
  • Hillary uses the Birther issue to criticise Trump
  • Trump directly insults Mark Cuban, who will be seated in the front row
  • Trump criticises the culture of political correctness
  • Hillary says ‘we are stronger together’


Open a bottle if…

  • Trump is ridiculously, unfathomably, unprecedentedly calm and composed
  • Gennifer Flowers is seated in the front row
  • Trump claims the election will be riggedgiphy3
  • Hillary responds to “We’re going to build a wall” with the killer line “We’re going to build a stable economy”
  • The New York location is used to reference ‘Nina levin’
  • Trump complains that the lights are too bright
  • Trump enunciates ‘radical Islamic terrorism’
  • Hillary calls Trump a ‘con-man’
  • Trump actually calls her ‘Crooked Hillary’ to her face


Down a pint if…

  • Ted Cruz arrives and sacrifices himself to Satan before the audience
  • Gary Johnson and Jill Stein storm the stage
  • Hillary and Gennifer Flowers have a physical fight
  • Hillary calls Trump a ‘whiny little bitch’
  • A bird flies out of Trump’s hair
  • Bernie Sanders shows up, pulls off Trump’s face and reveals the candidate to be a Scooby-Doo villaingj3y4d
  • Donald Trump doesn’t tell a single lie
  • Donald Trump says ‘black lives matter’

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