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Dear Jimmy Fallon: Where Did Your Shame Go?

Jimmy Fallon went to the next level of disgusting sycophancy last night (if that were indeed possible) as he invited presidential hopeful/gibbering ape Donald J Trump onto his Tonight Show once again and proceeded to treat the hate-monger with the reverence and awe that we’ve come to expect from the least controversial talk show host on earth.

As The Tonight Show is an Entertainment programme, not Current Affairs, Fallon and his producers have no obligation to invite Trump onto the show. If we accept that they will, despite his unprecedented level of disgusting rhetoric, give him a platform to speak, one would assume that Fallon would approach the interview armed with tough questions and the aim of jumping Trump for his bigotry as the audience boos the man who has won support from figures such as former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. But no. That didn’t happen. Seth Meyers, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, Samantha Bee and Bill Maher have attacked Trump on a weekly/nightly basis. James Corden and Stephen Colbert have long maintained dignity in their left-wing political positions (the latter gave Trump a significantly harsher, though still too soft, time than Fallon on his show last year). It’s only Fallon who- though almost certainly a Democratic voter- has treated the orange-skinned white nationalist with as much respect as he would a legitimate statesman.

Fallon wouldn’t be so despicable if he accepted/acknowledged his pathetic attitude to interviewing a dangerous political figure, but his lame attempt at posing a Putin question to Trump (asked as though he were requesting toilet permission from an Elementary School teacher) made his insincerity all the more painful. When Trump gave a predictably bullshit answer, Fallon moved swiftly along to a “safer” topic of conversation. Good job, Jimmy! This was worse, even, than the most attention-grabbing moment of the broadcast, when Fallon asked permission (totally pre-arranged, obviously) to ruffle Trump’s hair. NBC’s entire CGI budget for 2016 must’ve been spent on this humourless 15 seconds of television. Aren’t these guys great… Isn’t Trump just like the rest of us… How awesome that the next US president can “let loose” and be silly once in a while…

All above withstanding, Fallon’s ass-kissing of Hillary Clinton has been equally unpalatably in the past, as is the case with every guest on his show. But Eddie Redmayne, Ryan Seacrest and The Voice judges aren’t 50 days away from potentially taking control of the nation’s government and making irreversible political decisions that will destroy possibly millions of lives. The Tonight Show audience are, clearly, a bunch of thoughtless goons; Fallon himself a product of a society without principle. But how could ?Love and The Roots stand by and watch?

Update: It appears that The Roots tried their best to subtly protest Trump’s appearance by performing an excerpt from Erykah Badu’s “20 Feet Tall” as his intro music.

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