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Heroes of 2016: Deadpool v Batman v Superman v Captain America v X-Men v Suicide Squad

Today we return to an ancient BuzzHub tradition, whereby at the end of the summer movie season, we pose the biggest comic-book movies released against one another in various categories and, using a complicated points system, determine which was the best. This year’s competing films are Deadpool, Batman v Superman, Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse and Suicide Squad!

 Ideas  Visuals  Acting  Humour  Music  Villain
 Deadpool  2/10  3/10  4/10  6/10  2/10  2/10
 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 9/10  8/10  7/10  1/10  6/10  8/10
 Captain America: Civil War  5/10  2/10  3/10  3/10  4/10  3/10
 X-Men: Apocalypse  3/10  3/10  6/10  4/10  3/10  1/10
 Suicide Squad  4/10  2/10  3/10  2/10  3/10  1/10
 Deadpool  BvS  Civil War  X-Men  Squad
 Total  19  64  20  20  15


It’s been a less-than-stellar year for comic-book movies, but Zack Snyder’s admirably ambitious (though horrifically flawed) epic wins by a landslide!

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