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Fall 2016’s 5 Most Exciting TV Shows

2016’s Fall premiere season is almost upon us, and this is one of those unfortunate years when most of the interesting new shows on network and cable are debuting midseason. However, there’s a handful of tantalising projects coming our way in the coming months, and here are the 5 we definitely won’t miss.

the-good-place5. THE GOOD PLACE (NBC)

There are serious Pushing Daisies vibes off this afterlife-based comedy from Parks & Rec creator Michael Schur. Kirsten Bell stars as a dead woman who discovers the most wonderful place (after) earth, but questions whether she should be there. Ted Danson appears in a bright blue suit, hereby deeming this a must-watch show. Premieres Sept 19

son-of-zorn-johnny-pemberton-zorn4. SON OF ZORN (FOX)

The fingerprints of Phil Lord and Chris Miller are all over this new comedy, featuring an animated god (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) interacting with a live-action world. Lord and Miller have a very strong record with TV comedies, so we’re hopeful. Premieres Sept 28

atlantadmsdf3. ATLANTA (FX)

The great Donald Glover returns to TV with this promising autobiographical dramedy about the titular city’s hip-hop scene. Premieres Sept 10

neon_0001_1280w2. DESIGNATED SURVIVOR (ABC)

With 24 and Touch under his belt, Kiefer Sutherland tackles the mighty role of President of the United States in this very exciting new drama. The “Designated Survivor” is the cabinet member who is held in an undisclosed location during the State of the Union in case everyone above him in the presidential line of succession is killed. In the opening moments of this show, that happens. President Kiefer, hence, faces the challenge of rebuilding a shattered government and nation, with help from Maggie Q and- in his first major role since taking a job with the actual Obama administration- Kal Penn of Harold and Kumar fame. Politics, action, Kiefer: we can’t wait. Premieres Sept 21

westworld-image-ed-harris1. WESTWORLD (HBO)

What a surprise– Sunday nights on HBO will once again dominate the televisual week this Fall, as the Jonathan Nolan/JJ Abrams-produced sci-fi-western finally arrives! Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton are among the cast for what is sure to be a groundbreaking retelling of the classic Michael Crichton story. Expect robots, cowboys, sex and violence in 2016’s most highly-anticipated blockbuster show. Premieres October 2


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