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Video: Bill Clinton addresses Democratic National Convention

Former president Bill Clinton has urged Americans to dismiss decades of political attacks and elect the “real” Hillary Clinton this November, in a deeply personal testimonial to his wife’s character and grit.

“You should elect her because she’ll never quit when the going gets tough. She’ll never quit on you,” the former president told delegates at the convention.

Turning Republican attacks on their head, Mr Clinton offered a tacit admission that his wife was part of the political scenery and that she was not always as flashy, or such a gifted orator, as other politicians.

“She’s been around a long time. She sure has,” he said. “And she’s sure been worth every single year she’s put into making people’s lives better.”

Some people find change from the ground up “boring,” said the two-term leader. “Speeches like this are fun – actually doing the work is hard.”

The 45-minute speech was as much Mr Clinton playing “First Gentleman” – reprising the role of character witness played by so many aspiring first ladies at conventions past – as Mr Clinton the political “big dog.”

In a lilting story that spanned decades and states across the US’s heartland, he described his wife as a “magnetic” young student, a “fine” mother, his best friend and the “best darn change maker” Americans could hope for in a president.

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