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Hillary Clinton names Senator Tim Kaine as running mate!

Presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has picked Virginia Senator Tim Kaine to be her running mate.

The pair will attend their first campaign event together in Florida later today ahead of their party’s selection convention, which begins in Philadelphia on Monday.

Mr Kaine is one of only 20 people in American history to have served as mayor, governor and now US senator.

He was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota and grew up in Kansas City. He describes himself as a missionary, civil rights lawyer, teacher and elected official. He was raised Catholic and is fluent in Spanish.

Mr Kaine is personally against abortion but has taken pro-choice positions on votes in the Senate. His selection is not likely to sit well with pro-choice Democrats but may be tempting for Republicans turned off by the Trump-Pence ticket.

Mr Kaine took a year off from law school to work as a mission in Honduras. He practised law in Richmond, Virginia for 17 years, specialising in representing those who had been denied housing because of their race or disability.

Seven of his eight great-grandparents were born in Ireland and he said earlier this year that he “cares deeply about his Irish roots”.

Receiving an award from the American Ireland Fund at a gala dinner in Washington DC in March of this year, Senator Kaine explained that he had travelled to Ireland for the first time in 2006, but had been back many times since. During that visit, he and his family went to see where his great-grandfather PJ Farrell was from, and found the site of his old house in Killashee, Co Longford. He said his children were not that interested in visiting Longford, preferring to stay in Dublin, until they arrived in the area and he said they finally understood, when one of them asked him why everybody they saw looked like them.

Senator Tim Kaine was Governor of Virginia at the time of the Virginia Tech massacre, and although he owns a gun he is a gun control campaigner.

In a tweet, the 58-year-old confirmed that the former secretary of state had called him last evening to ask him to join her on the ticket. He said he was “honoured to be her running mate” and that he looked forward to joining her on the election trail.

Mrs Clinton announced her decision with a tweet, saying: “I’m thrilled to announce my running mate @TimKaine, a man who’s devoted his life to fighting for others.”
The two are holding their first rally together at the Florida International University in Miami today.

Source: RTÉ News

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