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Kevin Hart replaces Neil Patrick Harris as A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS’ Count Olaf

In some surprising news, Neil Patrick Harris has exited Netflix’s upcoming A Series of Unfortunate Events series- in which he was due to portray the villainous actor Count Olaf- and has been replaced by popular comedian Kevin Hart.

The 13-part series, due to begin shooting this month, readapts Daniel Handler’s book series that was first brought to life in 2004, when Jim Carrey played the Olaf character.

Kevin Hart is an interesting choice for Count Olaf, considering the character’s caucasian appearance in illustrations. It is, however, an impressive example of Hollywood’s colour-blind casting technique.

The series will debut on Netflix in 2017.

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  1. badaprilfools says

    This is probably april fools cause NPH is 100% olaf at the series

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