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SPECTRE has biggest opening week of all time in the UK

This evening it has been confirmed that SPECTRE, the 24th movie in the James Bond franchise, has opened with a record breaking week in the UK, besting any other opening in U.K. history, and achieving a significantly larger opening than 2012’s Skyfall.

According to the figures that have been released, the movie has scored $63.8 million in its first seven days of release in the U.K. alone, making it the biggest first week opening in U.K. history.

In total, the movie has earned $80.4 million from the six territories it opened in, and it is only going to get bigger as its global release approaches on Thursday, November 6.

In its opening few hours on Monday, the movie managed to bring in $6.4 million, across 647 cinemas, which was pretty impressive seeing as the movie opened for screenings at 8:15pm – 15 minutes after the London premiere. Most cinemas only had the chance to play the movie once or twice on Monday night.

However, it was Tuesday where the real success lay as the movie broke the record for a single day gross on Tuesday with $9.2 million.

You can read our review of the Sam Mendes-directed film here.

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