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Opinion: How SPECTRE should end

SPECTRE, the much anticipated 24th official James Bond film, arrives in British and Irish cinemas in one week, and we’ve got a theory for how the film should (but, in reality, probably won’t) end with a major, franchise-defining twist. Read on….

Daniel Craig’s Bond returns from his main SPECTRE mission (probably killing/in-some-way-dealing-with Christophe Waltz’s Blofeld).

Ralph Fiennes’ M says “I have one last thing for you to do, 007”.

A secret door opens at the back of M’s office, and Bond walks through.

Pierce Brosnan steps out of the shadows. “Hello, 007”. He says a few words, and soon Craig’s Bond is introduced to Dalton, Lazenby, Moore and… of course… Connery.

The Bonds former together welcome the next agent to inhabit the 007 role- be it Damien Lewis, Idris Elba or another face) and leave him alone in the room.

Craig exits last, closing the door behind him.

What do you think of our slightly absurd, very cheesy but potentially gasp-inducing fantasy final scene for SPECTRE? Would it give the Bond films a purpose and the recasting habit a logic, or simply be silly? Let us know!

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Lucien writes on film, television and politics at LuwdMedia.com and co-hosts the podcasts Above All Else and The 99%.

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