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Life in Pieces is the sort of show where one looks at the cast list and wonders “Do these people really need money this badly?”. Top actors Colin Hanks, Thomas Sadoski, Dianne Wiest and James Brolin join Betsy Brandt and some annoying kids for this atrocious sitcom, the “gimmick” being that each episode is split into four unrelated storylines about members of a family. There’s sex, funerals and absolutely no laughter. It’s as if a small child watched Season 4 of Arrested Development, didn’t understand what made it so great and tried to redo it for the ABC audience. Sadoski is capable of so much more, as his work on both the terrific The Newsroom and the middling The Slap proved, while Hanks surely has gotten better offers after his turn in Fargo. This is no fun at all.

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