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Tilda Swinton confirms Ancient One role in Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE

Rumoured for the role since May, Tilda Swinton has officially confirmed that she will play the Ancient One in Marvel Studio’s “Doctor Strange”.

“It’s done,” she revealed when asked about her talks with Marvel. “We’re so far in talks that we’re not talking any more. It’s done. The conversation has been had.”

Swinton will play Strange’s mentor the Ancient One — traditionally depicted in Marvel Comics as a male character. The Ancient One was first introduced in 1963’s “Strange Tales” #110 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko — the same issue as Doctor Strange’s debut. Also unlike Swinton, the character is traditionally Asian; specifically Tibetan.

“I just really liked the premise of this and the idea of playing this character. I’m a Marvel fan and I think this particular world that Doctor Strange goes into is really, really, really exciting,” she said, adding, “The idea of playing The Ancient One is really just too tickling. I can’t say no to that!” “I’m not prepared at all to be bored by this. I’m really looking forward to it,” she concluded.

This wouldn’t be the first comic book-based film for Swinton, who appeared in 2005’s “Constantine,” based on DC Comics antihero John Constantine, plus 2014’s critically acclaimed “Snowpiercer.” She won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her role in 2007’s “Michael Clayton.”

Directed by Scott Derrickson and starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role, “Doctor Strange” is scheduled for release on Nov. 4, 2016.

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