Guardians of the Galaxy
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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Spoilers and Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy hit cinemas in the UK and Ireland this morning, and we saw it first thing! We’ve put together this comprehensive list of easter eggs and twists you may have missed whilst watching the film, or that you may want to find out before you see it (wait, WHAT?)

marvel-studios-new-logoTHE MARVEL FANFARE

For over 100 years, the logos of the studios behind a film have been the first thing onscreen at the start of said film. With Iron Man 3, Marvel changed things by sticking a 10-second gag before their fanfare, and with Guardians they’ve gone mad with power- sticking a full, five-minute scene before the logo comes up. Then, when the logo DOES appear- Bryan Tyler-composed music and all- it interrupts an emotional moment and doesn’t fit at all. A very strange decision…

guardians-galaxyOPENING TITLES

Remember the last time a Marvel flick had opening titles? Nope, us neither! We only realised after the film was over that the main reason for the opening titles was to not have Star Billing closing titles, and hence not disappoint fans by having only one post-credits scene!


Lee’s cameo is quite early on in Guardians (although not as early as in Amazing Spider-Man 2), and sees him being spotted chatting up a younger woman by Rocket and Groot while they are searching for outlaws to catch in their sack.


Thanos also pops up earlier than one might expect, and barely registers, but it’s clear that Marvel have attempted to make him look as similar as he did in Avengers as possible, despite now being played by Josh Brolin.

nathan-fillion-castleNATHAN FILLION

Fans have been gossiping for weeks about who Nathan Fillion could be playing in his Guardians cameo, after his name was spotted on the cast list as “Monstrous Inmate”. It’s clear now that he is playing the giant green creature who threatens Gamora when the gang first arrive at the jail, and hence has Groot’s tree-fingers stuck up his nostrils. How lovely! It’s interesting to think that had GOTG been made a decade ago, Fillion himself may very well have been cast as Peter Quill!

guardians-galaxy-benicio-del-toro-collectorTHE COLLECTOR’S COLLECTION

When the gang are entering The Collector’s HQ, Rocket shares a brief stand-off with Cosmo The Space Dog. Our readers have also spotted a Dark Elf and a Chitauri. The other notable member of Benicio Del Toro’s vault, revealed in the post-credits scene, was…

howard-the-duck-guardians-of-the-galaxyWHAT THE F*CK? IT’S HOWARD THE DUCK!

We were so pissed at Marvel for not giving us a PROPER post-credits sting, teasing Avengers 2Guardians 2 or giving us a bit more Thanos that we didn’t find this funny- or maybe it JUST WASN’T FUNNY! Nobody on Twitter seemed to appreciate it, but maybe that was, also, due to frustration. Presumably, Marvel aren’t actually making another Howard film, so we can take this as a parody of the usual expected post-credits content. And you know what? Maybe it’s a good thing! Considering how little the entire film connected to the other MCU films, maybe it was important that the final scene not pull us back into Avengers territory!

guardians-of-the-galaxy-1-skottie-young-variant-coverBABY GROOT

After Groot’s tragic but honourable death, we see that Rocket is carrying one of his twigs around in a pot, and soon enough, little reborn Baby Groot shows signs of life, and even dances along to a Jackson 5 tune! Yay for Groot!


If you look VERY closely, at the end of the credits you can see a disclaimer that “No raccoons or tree-creatures were harmed in the making of this movie”!

james-gunn-guardians-galaxySEAN GUNN

As you can see here, James Gunn’s actor brother was the onset Rocket while filming took place, but he also pops up as Yondu’s right-hand man, Kraglin, who gets… a few lines of dialogue!


Did you spot all this stuff? Is there anything we missed? Think this article was a waste of time? Leave your thoughts down below, and don’t forget to check out our REVIEW of the movie!


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  1. I think the collector had a dark elf in one of his glass cases.
    Could Kree be the blue alien from agents of sheild?

    • Kalas says

      Nova Corps rebuilding Star Lord’s ship is a nod to the fact that his ship in the comics (called Ship) is actually a sentient form that can rebuild herself even after being destroyed.

      Also, the prosthetic leg and eye gags may be a nod towards Star Lord getting cybernetic implants (Namely a Cybernetic Eye) after he was notably injured during his fight with the Fallen One.

  2. The dog in The Collector’s collection is actually Cosmo, a Marvel character who goes on to head up NovaCorps, not Laika The Space DOg

  3. Lamp says

    a few things…
    1) The dog is Cosmo (a character from the comics) not Laika the space dog
    2) Nathan’s character is the big blue alien
    3) There’s a Chitauri and a Dark Elf in the Collector’s museum

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