Spider-Man: Homecoming
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‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Easter Eggs You May Have Missed!

Mark Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in cinemas now in many territories (you can read our review here), and like most other recent superhero movies, we spotted lots of interesting stuff that you might have missed, or may need reminding of! Warning: this contains MAJOR spoilers for the film.


Mr Fear, the mysterious figure who visited Dr Connors in the first movie’s post-credits sting, arrives at Harry’s Ravencroft cell and tells him that they can begin assembling their villainous team by giving Alexsei control of the Rhino suit. Considering we see Vulture wings and Doc Oc’s tentacles in the background as Mr Fear approaches Harry’s cell- we know almost certainly that the Sinister Six are coming!


For those of you who stuck around after the X-Men scene (see below) had finished, you may have noticed Norman Osborn’s cryogenically frozen head, and Mr Fear telling him “wake up old friend”!


It was later confirmed to merely be an advertisement, but when we saw ASM2 at one of the first public screenings in the world, everyone remaining in the cinema began to squeal with excitement when they saw Toad, Havoc, Stryker and Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique at a Vietnam military base. Could this be the fanboy’s dream come true? The equivalent of Nick Fury recruiting Spidey to The Avengers? Turns out it wasn’t, but at least it gave us hope!


Last time around it was a poster for Rear Window that graced Peter’s bedroom wall, this time it was for Antonioni’s Blow-Up! Also visible- band posters for The Ramones and The xx, and a massive image of Aung San Suu Kyi.

0512-dolce-vita-felicity-jones-(4)-lgnFELICITY JONES AS BLACK CAT

It was rumoured long before release that Jones would be playing Black Cat, and although she didn’t suit up in this film, it was confirmed (when she appears as Harry’s assistant) that her character’s name is Felicia… Black Cat!


After a great performance as ‘Smithsonian Guard’ in The Winter Soldier a few weeks ago, Stan Lee turned up here in his most unfunny and unsubtle cameo in years, as the guest at Peter’s graduation who says “I know that guy”… which actually makes no sense!


At a number of points throughout the film, we see Peter e-mailing J Jonah Jameson, and his photo of Spidey hits the cover of The Daily Bugle. Will JJJ (played so brilliantly by J.K Simmons in the Raimi films) make an on-screen appearance in ASM3. Can they find anyone to top Simmons? Probably not.


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  1. The project as a whole conveys a drab sense of bureaucratic necessity, a “let’s get this over with” wheeziness.

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