Fair City
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Fair City: Thrilling promo for the upcoming fire

There’s a huge storyline coming up on Ireland’s favourite soap- a tragic fire which will see the death of a character.

The characters contending to die are:

  • Tommy Dillon, seen running in to save Caoimhe at 0:19
  • Caoimhe Dillon, seen embarking on an affair with Damien
  • Damien Halpin, having an affair with Caoimhe
  • Luke Dillon, attempting to save Caoimhe to win back Judith

It’s clear that Paul is focused on blaming the in-debt Leo for the fire, as Leo will sell Paul the factory next week.

Fair City airs Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8PM on RTÉ One.

Catch up on the Player.

Here’s DigitalSpy’s synopsis:

Damien and Caoimhe do not notice the signs of the fire breaking out in the factory building. Over at McCoy’s, Leo gets a round of drinks in to celebrate not having Paul breathing down his neck. Christy thought Leo would be drowning his sorrows, but Carol thinks he is just putting on a brave face.

Carol, Leo and Christy chat at the Station Bar and Carol discusses how the stress of the owning the factory building had affected Leo so negatively, and how he had been close to losing his sanity as a result. Leo is about to cheers to the future when Yvonne bursts in with a grave face looking for him.

Meanwhile, Luke approaches a shattered Judith and reiterates how he never meant to hurt her. Luke accepts that Judith cannot forgive his actions. When Judith wells up emotionally about the mess their relationship has caused, Luke tenderly touches her face and emotionally apologises to her. Tommy witnesses this intimate display between them and sees red. He grabs Luke, pins him up against the wall and warns him to stay away. Judith has turned to go back into McCoy’s to join Tommy when she meets Cass, who has also noticed smoke coming from the factory. Judith raises the alarm and calls the fire brigade, wondering if there is anyone in there.

Paul and Niamh are incredulous as they hear the news and rush out following Tommy and Judith. The community gather outside the factory building waiting for the fire brigade to arrive. Bob tries to placate Ama, who is distraught because she thinks Damien is inside. Bob insists that he would have left the office hours ago.

As the drama unfolds, four people get trapped and some go back to save the others. But an attempt to rescue them goes wrong, resulting in a terrible tragedy…

Elsewhere, Vivienne accepts Paddy’s proposal. Paddy asks Zumo as the eldest to act as his best man, creating a new rift with Decco

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