How I Met Your Mother
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‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 promo features Ted’s kids- but older!

“How I Met Your Mother” is getting ready for its final season on CBS, and now fans are being given more inside scoop on the season ahead. On Sunday, July 21, From Inside The Box shared new comments made about the cast of the series about the final season

This series has already started production on its final season. The season will take place over the course of one weekend, and that weekend will belong to Barney and Robin’s weekend. The mother has now been cast, and Ted’s kids have been revealed. Cristin Milioti has the role of Ted’s future wife on the series. Now, fans will see what happens next. Josh Radnor said the following about the final season:

“There’s a mass migration to the Far Hampton Inn for Barney and Robin’s wedding. There are problems along the way because that’s what happens in television. We pick up literally where we left off in Season 8 … We’re not abandoning the structure of the show and what made the show feel so playful and inventive.”

As for the series finale episode, Craig Thomas revealed that ‘anything can happen’ during the episode. Season nine is their bonus season. The original plan had been to end the series with season eight.

“How I Met Your Mother” will air its final season on CBS on Monday nights this fall.

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