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Exclusive: Zachary Quinto discusses Kirk/Spock fan-fiction

QuintoAt a special public interview at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh on Friday, July 12, Zachary Quinto discussed his illustrious career and his roles in Star Trek, Heroes and American Horror Story. BuzzHub had a front-row seat, and witnessed first hand what Quinto had to say about his current and future projects, including some revealing and intriguing information!

When asked by a young member of the audience if he had ever read any of the Kirk/Spock fan-fiction online, he states quite bluntly:

I’m afraid I have better things to do with my time than read that. If those people don’t have anything better to do, that’s their business, but I do

It’s clear from this quote that Quinto is not a fan of the FF, and writers of it may be dismayed by this.

For more exclusives on Zachary Quinto, stay tuned to BuzzHub over the next few days!


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  1. kim says

    Good for him, they tweet him that crap ask dumb questions about it on his pics and even make dumb homophobic comments like because he is gay so is Spock as a gay man and actor that has to be insulting to him.

  2. kim says

    Also you took this one piece of what reportedly was a great q/a with fans to start a stink, and get a reaction sorry that is pathetic. The shippers however has proven him more than correct in their reaction. You’ll hate someone for having a different opinion than you and not wanting to be forced to like what you like? Quinto was much nicer about it than most of you all deserved. You clearly have no life if this upsets or offends and you are a homophobe if you hate a real gay person because he dislikes your exploiting his sexuality. Not to mention if you want someone to respect your right to write that garbage start with respecting his right to dislike it. Grow up you all look more pathetic than he imagined right now.,

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