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Exclusive: Zachary Quinto says he would make a ‘Big Bang Theory’ cameo

At a special public interview at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh on Friday, July 12, Zachary Quinto discussed his illustrious career and his roles in Star Trek, Heroes and American Horror Story. BuzzHub had a front-row seat, and witnessed first hand what Quinto had to say about his current and future projects, including some revealing and intriguing information!

He spoke about a film he is currently preparing to shoot, directed by Big Bang Theory star Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz) and his wife Jocelyn Towne. He called it “a semi-autobiographical romance” and used it as the excuse for the beard he is currently sporting.

He discussed in great length his relationship with the legendary Leonard Nimoy and his wife, and the ways in which the veteran actor has inspired him in his acting and his life. When asked by an audience member if he would follow in Nimoy’s footsteps and make a cameo on Helberg’s Big Bang Theory, he said he would love to.

My cardboard cutout has already been on it, you know. I had to give my permission for them to use it. I love Simon and I also worked with Johnny (Galecki) on a new film called The Invitation (also starring Luke Wilson and Topher Grace). I have been mentioned two times on it, actually.



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