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‘World War Z’: Why Brad Pitt’s Zombie Epic Could Be The Biggest Flop Ever

This Friday, the highly-anticipated adaptation of Max Brooks’ bestselling novel World War Z hits cinemas on both sides of the Atlantic. It is directed by Marc Forster, the man who brought us the masterpiece that was Quantum of Solace. That’s a bit unfair to the man, as he also made the excellent Finding Neverland, The Kite Runner and Stranger Than Fiction. Brad Pitt chose Forster to direct the film, as he is producer and star of the film. Basically, the production story is history. The whole last third had to be re-written by people like Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard, and had to be reshot. The film was delayed from last December to June 21. Here’s why we think it will be a flop:









Brad Pitt isn’t a big enough star to make this a hit. His name is plastered across all the posters, but Paramount must have forgotten that his highest-grossing film, Troy, only made $497m. Worldwide. That is big money, but is it BIG money? Is it Johnny Depp or Tom Cruise or Will Smith money? No, it isn’t. Brad Pitt hasn’t appeared in a blockbuster for a decade. He only makes small films like Killing Them Softly or Moneyball usually. They need to remember that!


The film is released on the same day as Monsters University, a film that adults AND kids around the world have been looking forward to for 12 years. 12 years! Why would Paramount release a film that’s cost $200m to make on the same day as probably, one of the biggest animated releases in history?


Roland Emmerich is the undisputed king of major disaster/apocalyptic films, and his newest, White House Downcomes out in the US a mere 7 days after WWZ. It looks way better, and it stars Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx- the two Men of the Moment in Hollywood!


World War Z is getting good reviews, but Monsters Uni is getting better reviews, and that $40 ticket is just arrogant!


For many years, Marc Forster was one of the most respected and reliable dramatic directors working in Hollywood. His second film Monster’s Ball (no relation to University or Inc), won Halle Berry an Oscar, and his third, Finding Neverland, a Best Picture nomination. He followed that up with the excellent dramedy Stranger Than Fiction and the , once again, Oscar-winning The Kite Runner, an adaptation of the bestselling novel about two young boys living in Pakistan. Then, he was awarded his first major blockbuster directing gig: a James Bond film. The 22nd film in the record-breaking franchise was set to be fantastic after the brilliant franchise reboot that was Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale. The rest, in terms of Quantum of Solace, is history. Even the film’s screenwriters now admit that the film was awful. Not that anyone needed confirmation! Forster’s last film was Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler. It wasn’t a major disappointment, but only because no-one expected anything from it in the first place. Now, he’s back and hopefully bigger than ever with his zombie-novel adaptation epic, World War Z, starring Brad Pitt (who, surprisingly, hasn’t had as many hits recently as you would expect). It has a fantastic cast, including Matthew Fox, James Badge Dale (seen recently in Iron Man 3) and everyone’s favourite human being Bryan Cranston. The trailers make it look epic, and pretty awesome. Will it turn out that way? We’ll find out soon, as long as the zombies don’t get us first!


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