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BuzzHub Preview: Iron Man 3

“They told me my job was safe, no matter what” says Shane Black, only the second man in history to be tasked with following up one of the three biggest films of all time. The first man was, of course, James Cameron, who followed up the biggest film ever with the biggest film ever, and is soon to follow them both with the new biggest films ever, whatever it may be. The Avengers was 2012’s surprise hit, grossing over $1.5 billion based on a perfect mixture of wonderful promotion, great word of mouth, being released amongst a selection of poor films, and , oh yeah, the fact that it’s the sequel to no less than 5 record-breaking blockbuster movies, two of which featured Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark (three counting his Incredible Hulk cameo). Jon Favreau did a great job with the first two Iron Man movies, proving that superhero movies could be the perfect mix of clever and light (somewhere between Spider-Man and The Dark Knight, both masterpieces). Unfortunately, he didn’t do such a good job with 2011’s desperate Cowboys & Aliens, which was received so badly by critics and audiences alike that it lost Favreau the Iron Man 3 directing gig. That gig was given to Black, whose only previous directing credit is for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (which also starred Downey), despite him having being involved in the making of some of  the biggest action-comedies of the past 20 years, including Beverly Hills Cop.

At the start of Iron Man 3, Tony is left traumatized by the events of Avengers, when he died carrying a massive bomb through a portal in the sky (he came back to life). He finds comfort in the act of designing and building new suits, but when his biggest threat yet, The Mandarin, destroys his home and armory, he is left alone and desolated.

“We haven’t seen Tony since the first act of Iron Man” says Kevin Feige, chief of Marvel Studios. “He’s had his suits throughout the past two and a half movies, but in this one, he has to let that part of his personality go.”

Although Jon Favreau isn’t directing the movie, he will continue to star as Happy Hogan, a character that may come to  a sticky end in the film. “Happy is one of Tony’s closest friends” says the former Swingers star. “You can’t kill of Rhodey, as he has to be Iron Patriot, but Happy has no definite role in the story, as so having something terrible happen to him is a lot easier.”


 Gwenyth Paltrow is back as, reprising her role as Pepper Potts, but it’s Rebecca Hall that brings the real sex appeal to this film. “I knew the character was a scientist, and that she was a very intelligent, independent woman. I didn’t want to play a character who was only present for her looks” says Hall of the role. Well, we can’t wait to see her on screen!


As you can see, there will be many familiar faces appearing in the film, from Tony to Rhodey to Pepper Potts to the Paul Bettany-voiced robot butler Jarvis. However, there will be many a new face  on screen, one of which will be Guy Pearce’s slimey Adrian, cohort of The Mandarin.

“I just love playing nasty characters” Pearce tells us. “The last villain I played was in Bedtime Stories, but as it was a Disney kid’s film, I couldn’t put much angst or beastliness into the role”. Whether or not Robert Downey Jr ever puts on the Iron Man suit again, this fourth outing as Tony Stark will be one of the films of the year.


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