Anchorman: The Legend Continues
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Exclusive: Anchorman 2 to be set in New York; Kristen Wiig will be Brick’s love interest

In the new issue of Empire Magazine, Adam McKay speaks about his upcoming sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. In the interview, he reveals that the film’s characters will relocate from San Diego to the Big Apple!

San Diego doesn’t go completely away. It’s too close to Burgundy’s heart for it to go away, and we’re talking about shooting some there. But we feel that New York is the holy grail for all newsmen.

So, if Ron has reached the holy grail, what interesting plot twists could possibly ruin his dream job for him? Perhaps a rival anchor, in the form of James Marsden?

It was also revealed that Kristen Wiig will not be a love interest for Ron, a competition to Veronica Corningstone, but instead for Steve Carell’s mentally challenged weatherman Brick.

It takes a special someone to get the rope snare around Brick’s heart. She is dangerous!

You can read more about Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues in Empire Magazine, on sale now!

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