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The Best Radio, Web-shows and Podcasts of 2012

10. British Board of Film Classification

I for one have a massive interest in film classification and censorship, and this entertaining and informative monthly podcast is a great listen, with a discussion of a different genre or rating each episode!

Download Here

9. Adam & Joe

Due to Joe (Cornish)’s Hollywood commitments, this show hasn’t been on much recently, but when it is, it’s fantastic! Download Here

8. Cinema Hype have dozens of great podcasts, but this is our top choice, although an episode hasn’t been released since May! Download Here

7. Mugglecast

Speaking of Hypable, this is the show that started it all, and despite Harry Potter being basically gone from most fan’s lives, this has continued on, with Andy, Micah, Eric and new host Selina talking every month about the latest Potter news as well as JK Rowling’s future work! Download Here

mag16. The Empire Podcast

The world’s best movie magazine kicked off their incredibly entertaining weekly podcast earlier this year, and with regular contributors including Chris Hewitt, Helen O’Hara, Dan Jolin, Olly Richards, Ian Freer and Nick and Phil DeSemelyn, it’s got the best in movie discussion and reviews! Download Here

5. Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews

BBC’s flagship film review programme gets better every year, with Mark going on even more rants and developing even more controversial opinions. Hello to Jason Isaacs. Download Here


Andrew Sims and Ben Schoen’s hilarious current affairs show changed a lot in 2012. It lost Schoen, and replaced him with the even funnier Mason DeWitt. It went premium, although the price is only the small $3.99/per month. It started to focus less on news and more on the sex lives of the hosts, with listeners witnessing the ongoing saga of Andy and his ex-partner B***n, and more! We recommend you pay, it’s worth it! Sign Up To Subscription Here

3. The Chris Moyles Show

BBC Radio 1’s longest-running breakfast show ended it’s spectacular 8-year run in September, with a series of beautiful and heartwarming shows, which you can still listen to online! Download Here

2. Beyond The Trailer

Grace Randolph’s regular YouTube movie show is entertaining, informative and excellently produced. Watch Here


1. The Jimmy and Luke Show

Yes, BuzzHub is affiliated with this show, but that doesn’t mean we can’t praise it! It’s the funniest, most entertaining and charming show on the internet. Luke drags the whole thing along, although he does talk too much. Jimmy has great opinions on everything. Deano and Michael know WTF they’re talking about, Cian has strong opinions, Johnny is hilarious and the other guests who drop by are great too!

Download Here

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