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Obama Wins!

President Barack Obama rode a wave of broad support from minorities, women and  moderates to win re-election Tuesday, defeating Republican challenger Mitt  Romney in Democratic strongholds and key battleground states.
Returns put Obama at a  projected 303 electoral votes to Romney’s 206, giving Obama the 270 electoral  votes needed to secure a second term.

Joyful supporters danced  and cheered at Obama’s victory party in Chicago while the mood at Romney’s  election-night gathering in Boston was somber.

Governor Mitt Romney  conceded the race in a telephone call to the president.

He later spoke to  supporters, congratulating the president on his victory and wishing him well in  dealing the the challenges facing the nation.

Obama withstood a late  push by Romney in Pennsylvania and won battleground states of Ohio, Wisconsin  and Iowa, according to CNN projections.

He also easily won  traditional Democratic strongholds of California, New York and other populous  states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, where Romney mounted a late but  unsuccessful push.

Obama received strong  support, as expected, from women voters as well as overwhelming support from  African-Americans. He also got strong backing from Hispanic voters, similar to  the coalition that carried him to victory four years earlier to make him the  nation’s first African-American president.

Meanwhile, CNN projected  that Democrats will retain their majority in the Senate, ensuring another  divided Congress after Republicans earlier were projected to hold their majority  in the U.S. House.

Obama and Romney ran dead  even in final polls that hinted at a result rivaling some of the closest  presidential elections in history, reflecting the deep political chasm in the  country.


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