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Film Review: The Campaign

After hearing terrible reviews of this Jay Roach political comedy, I hadn’t high hopes. In the end, I enjoyed it enough, but I was shocked at how unfunny it was, considering the talent involved. It’s basically the comedy equivalent of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, enjoyable and well-made in parts, with some good performances, but overall it lets itself down. Will Ferrell basically stars as George W Bush, and Zach Galifinakis is his stupid redneck rival in the run for North Carolina’s congress seat. The set-pieces which are intended to cause hilarity are very disappointing, such as the baby-punching and Uggie-punching. Dan Ackroyd, John Lithgow and Brian Cox are all fairly boring in their respective villain roles.

The only scene which stood out to me and stuck in my head comes about halfway through, when Huggins (ZG) accuses Brady (WF) of being a communist as, when he was 8, he wrote a picture-book about ‘Rainbowland’, where “everything is free”. Huggins proclaims that this book is ‘communist propaganda’. That scene is funny. The ending of the film also succeeds in feeling relatively sincere in its emotions. Overall, fun mostly, but bring on the Anchorman sequel, already!

Grade: B-



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