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Film Review: Butter

In my humble but honest opinion, Ty Burrell is one of the most versatile and charming actors working right now. I was a fan of his work since seeing him in ‘National Treasure 2’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk’, long before he began his highly-paid run on ‘Modern Family’. ‘Butter’ is probably his biggest film role to date. A low-budget indie comedy, this tells the story of a Sarah Palin-esque trophy wife (Jennifer Garner), determined to win the local butter-carving contest after her husband (Burrell) is kicked out for winning too many times. Her main rivals are Destiny, a young African-American girl who has spent her childhood moving between foster homes, and a stripper owed money by Burrell’s character.

The film fails to be funny after the first 20-minutes or so, but the actors (especially Rob Cordroy) are so utterly charming, that ‘Butter’ manages to be one of the year’s most enjoyable feel-good films.

Grade: B

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