Iron Man 3
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Marvel launches ‘Iron Man 3’ official site

Director Shane Black shared his perspective on stepping into the director’s chair vacated by Jon Favreau, especially after the success ofAvengers. “To me its about capturing and redoubling the intensity that Avengers captured,” he said, describing the approach to Iron Man 3 as akin to “leaving it all on the field.”

Tony Stark, who will go up against The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley – that should be interesting) without the aid of his fellow Avengers, won’t “fall off the wagon” but will face some particularly dark times in the threequel, Black said.

Black confirmed that leaked photos of the so-called Iron Patriot suit, taken on set, were real. “It’s an awesomely designed suit and Mr. Cheadle does get to wear it in certain points in the movie,” he said, without referring to it by name.

“The not fun thing is that they were online,” Black admitted. “The fun thing for us… is just how much of all the guessing is so wrong. Completely off-base.”

Asked what it was like to play a hero by an earnest youngster wearing a fake Tony Stark goatee, Downey Jr. answered, “I think I speak for any of us who get to live in this world… there’s something about it.. it’s an odd thing. [But] I take it as seriously as Shakespeare.”

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