The Dark Knight Rises
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Two new ‘Dark Knight Rises’ clips appear online

Source: CinemaBlend 

For years, the Caped Crusader’s biggest fans obsessed over rumors, tiny trinkets and quotes hinting at anything we might see in The Dark Knight Rises. Now, within a chip shot of the movie’s release date, we’re getting actual scenes from the film, and they’re coming so quickly, it’s hard for even the most die hard enthusiasts to keep up. Yesterday, Nolan and company dropped a look at JGL’s John Blake on us, and early this morning, we’ve been hit with two more spots, one forty-five seconds and one a full minute.
The first clip features Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox discussing some of the latter’s crazy inventions, most specifically “The Bat”, an imposing vehicle that weaves through buildings and comes in black. You can take a look as the two discuss it below…

The second clip gives us Wayne and Hathaway’s Selina Kyle leisurely dancing and talking about much larger issues. She warns a storm is coming, one that will make Wayne and his friends question their lifestyles, their choices and their very beings. It’s ominous, dark and even a little bit sexy. Go ahead and watch it below…

We really don’t need more reasons to get excited about The Dark Knight Rises. The last film did more than enough to tempt us into wanting more, and all the other trailers and clips have done nothing to stem the anticipation. Still, it’s nice to actually see characters interact for longer than a line or two of dialogue, and it’s a nice reassurance that buying tickets for the first possible showing was the right move.

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