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Lucien’s Look: The Projectionist’s Mistake

Lucien sat down in a comfortable aisle seat, in the middle of the second-smallest theatre in his local multiplex on a cold, damp Saturday afternoon in June. He was there to see the highly-acclaimed Wes Anderson comedy ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ which he had anticipated for several months. The lights went down and a series of commercials began. However, Lucien noticed that the majority of the ads showing were directed at young children. There was an ad for the ‘safe-cross code’ which Lucien had only ever seen before ‘The Muppets’ and he suspected something was up. The trailers began, and after an unfunny teaser for the re-titled ‘Neighborhood Watch/The Watch’ and long, loud and incredibly irritating promos for Madagascar 3, Ice Age 4 and Brave, the Irish Film Classification Office logo appeared. Lucien enjoyed this part of the cinema experience, as his greatest wish in life was to become a professional film classification officer, watching ever major release months before it comes out and writing a report about the levels of violence and swearing featured in it.

The projectionist in the cinema (there is only one) had put on ‘Mirror, Mirror’ by mistake. Lucien went out to complain with several other attendees and the reel was started again…trailers and all! Luckily, an alternative set of trailers were shown, including one of ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3’, a film that Lucien was very excited for. Moonrise Kingdom turned out to be great. Lucien rushed home to write his review and you can read it here.

The End

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