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A response to a complaint

Today, I posted a ‘June Movie Preview’ on Hypable. It was met with tons of comments complaining that I had said something negative about Pixar’s ‘Brave’.

One user called ‘Earthcrosser’ said

I’m confused. Under the Madagascar listing, you say “If you choose one animated film this summer – better make it Ice Age 4 or Brave” but then for Brave, you say “Don’t See”.
Inconsistency is the downfall of credibility.

I responded…

Brave looks unoriginal. Madagascar 3 looks positively laughable


That’s still poor writing. Besides, originality has nothing to do with good storytelling. Toy Story 3 wasn’t original, but it was amazing.

Let me set this straight:

  • The vast majority of Pixar’s earlier films are INSANELY original.
  • Monster’s Inc- the monsters are your friends.
  • The Incredibles- they’re just another dysfunctional family.
  • Up- old man ties balloons to house and flies to South America with small boy.
  • Even Cars, which I hate, is very original.
  • Brave- a ‘new spin’ on the fairytale. Where have I heard that before? Oh yes, Alice in Wonderland, Mirror Mirror, Jack the Giant Killer, SWATH, Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters, even HTTYD!
  • A girl running around with a bow- Hunger Games.
  • It is current, and because of this it will be very successful, but Pixar used to be great because there was nothing else like their films coming out.
  • I think they should take a 5-year break, maybe make some sequels for ‘Nemo’ and ‘Incredibles’ and re-release everything in 3D (if it has to be done), and come back with their ‘Film set inside the brain’ or ‘The Good Dinosaur’ made properly like ‘Up’, not like ‘Cars 2’.

I think i’ve made my point

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