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Becky Hill voted off The Voice; Vince, Tyler, Leanne and Bo in the final

There were big surprises on The Voice UK last night as two of the favourites failed to make it through to next week’s final.  Ruth Brown and Jazz were eliminated together with Becky Hill and Max Milner.

Leanne Mitchell, Tyler James. Bo Bruce and Vince Kidd made it through to next week’s final.

Will.i.Am was fairly shocked when Jazz was eliminated – he had a big deal of Jazz at his first audition – getting him to sing another song and even crying when Jazz sang John Legend’s “Ordinary People”.

It was a big shock for Tom Jones who was sure his act 19 year old Ruth Brown would win the show but he said he will make her a star regardless.

So by the looks of it, Team Danny could well be the winner next weekend – based on who is left Bo Bruce has been the most consistent throughout – Tyler James is really good too so it really depends on his song choice – he’s the guy who was Amy Winehouse’s best friend.  Leanne Mitchell and Vince Kidd are the underdogs at this stage but who knows what could happen in the next week.

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